Developing a Competitive Edge by Getting Work Done

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 Training objectives and advantages
A well organized structure will result in the right amount of managers and the optimum managerial levels, manned with managers who all add value. The outcomes for your organization:
• You liberate the energy and creativity of your organization based on your core business and customer needs;
• You create a managerial organizational structure that enables people to excel
• You ensure that your managers are adding value to your organization
• Better client and employee satisfaction, and improved financial performance.

Training program
Focusing on designing your organization for success, and getting the most out of your people, this executive presentation will give you a different angle when looking at the top challenges of most CEOs:
• How many management layers are there in my organization? Do I believe this is efficient?
• Do I have many “dotted line” relationships around here?
• Do all managers understand their authorities and accountabilities?
• Are the culture, climate and workplace setting supportive?
• Do I spend enough and efficient time in establishing the succession planning of my organization?

This executive presentation will guide you to implement simple and efficient principles, which will benefit your organization. This will leverage managerial performance and reduce managerial costs simultaneously.

Methodology of training delivery